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World Championship timeline:

  • (World title) 1968-1972: Floud Mkkallum (lost to Apollo Creed)
  • (World title) 1972-1976: Apollo Creed (lost to Rocky Balboa)
  • (Irish title) 1974-1980: Big Chuck Smith (title vacated)
  • (World title) 1976-1981: Rocky Balboa (lost to Clubber Lang)
  • (British, English and European titles) 1977-1980: Billy Snow (titles vacated)
  • (World title) 1981: Clubber Lang (lost to Rocky Balboa)
  • (World title) 1981-1985: Rocky Balboa (title vacated)
  • (World title) 1986-1990: Union Cane (lost to Tommy Gunn)
  • (World title) 1990-1991: Tommy Gunn (stripped off title)

WBA, WBC, WBO, IBF, IBO and The Ring titles created

  • (All world titles) 1992-2002: Union Cane (titles vacated)
  • (All world titles) 2002-2006: Mike Tyson (lost to Mason Dixon)
  • (All world titles) 2006- : Mason Dixon

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