Union Cane was a boxer from New Jersey, who was the top contender when Rocky Balboa gave up his Heavyweight title belt in the 1990 film Rocky V. Cane eventually won the belt, but was considered to be a paper champion by the public. In Rocky V, he was beaten by Tommy Gunn. In the video game scouting description, Union Cane is described as a gifted boxer with speed and power; a good all-rounder. He's also described as "sharp as a razor and extremely fit", and one who "takes all his opponents seriously, studying their boxing style before each fight".


  • Union Cane was played by real-life boxer, and former NABF heavyweight champion, Mike Williams in the film Rocky V.
  • The fight of Union Cane vs. Tommy Gunn was one of the few fights seen in the series that did not involve Rocky Balboa as a contestant.
  • After the movie was finished the real Mike Williams was supposed to face the WBO heavyweight champion at the time, Tommy Morrison. The promoters called it "Union Cane vs. Tommy Gunn for real". However, Williams injured himself and the fight never took place.
  • According to the 2002 Rocky video game, Cane was very popular in the US while Rocky was in Russia, and was nicknamed America's Hottest Fighter.
  • After his loss to Tommy Gunn, Cane regained the heavyweight title that he kept until his retirement in 1995. His record was 48 wins, 1 loss, and 36 KO's.
  • In 1991, Tommy Gunn challenged Cane to a rematch in an attempt to defend his world title, but because of Tommy's lack of serious training, Cane knocked him out in the twelfth and final round. After this fight, Cane earned the respect he deserved as world champion. He retired later on in the year after a final victory against Tim Simms.