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2017 or unknown


Rocky Balboa works as a shipping yard in Washington D.C. Rocky Balboa joined the navy after he graduated from high school and took interest in boxing when he was in the Navy and become a gold medalist. He had a lot of talent after being discharged for six years, he trained in Arlington Boxing Gym called Little Mike Gym. The boxing gym is where they trained professional boxers and cops and FBI agents. Rocky trained their when he was discharged from the Navy and seen the place when he grew up in Arlington. He trained and got himself into a semi pro boxing club where he only makes 100 or 200 dollars a fight while he works as a naval shipping yard for seven years. Rocky Balboa who is nicknamed the Italian Stallion fell in love with a shy but beautiful grocery clerk named Adrian and was friends with her brother Paulie Pennino who works in the shipping yard with him. Mostly Rocky's boxing career is going nowhere since he wins and loses fights in a local boxing club in Arlington. Until Undefeated Heavyweight Champion Apollo Creed who defended the title for six years and has successful 17 title defense is planning a huge boxing match against Mackley Green in January 1 America's Birthday. Since Green got injured with his right hand and out of the fight and his promoter told Creed all ranked are all booked up and half of them can't get in shape for six weeks. So without a ranked contender, Apollo gives a local underdog fighter an opportunity. They all love the idea, where Apollo selects Rocky Balboa the Italian Stallion as his opponent for the heavyweight championship at the Verizon Center. Rocky is being trained and managed by a sixteen year old kid Mike Jr, Mike Jr grandfather who owns the gym passed away a year ago and leaves the gym to his grandson and Mike Jr becomes Rocky's new manager and Mike Jr taught him everything he knows. Can Mike Jr get Rocky ready for the heavyweight championship of the world and help him win the title or go the distance only time will tell.

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