Ricky conlin
Ricky Conlan
Character information
Nickname(s) "Pretty"
Gender Male

Height: 6 ft 3 in (191 cm)
Weight: 175 pounds (79 kg)
Reach 74 inches (188 cm)

Light Heavyweight Boxer

Years active: 2007-2015
Boxing record: 37-0-0 (28 KO's)
Portrayed by: Tony Bellew

"Pretty" Ricky Conlan is a light heavyweight boxer from Liverpool, England, and he is the main antagonist in Creed. He was the undefeated IBF, IBO, WBO and Lineal World Champion. Ricky is about to serve time in prison when he got in trouble with the law and he is forced into retirement. Ricky's manager heard about Adonis Creed (Apollo Creed's illegitimate son) who is a rising star in boxing. Originally Ricky had no interest in the fight regardless of his last name, but his manager told him he was going to do the fight to keep a roof over his kids' heads while he is in prison. Conlan's manager called Adonis' manager who is Apollo's best friend and boxing rival Rocky Balboa to set up a fight for the Light Heavyweight Championship. The Championship fight was held in Liverpool, England (Ricky's hometown). Ricky won the fight against Adonis in a 12-round split decision. Adonis earned Ricky and the boxing fans respect. Ricky tells the fans, that Adonis is the future of the light heavyweight division.

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