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Mickey Goldmill

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Mighty Mick's Gym was a gym managed and owned by Mickey Goldmill, manager and trainer of Rocky Balboa and a former boxer himself. After Mickey's death in 1981, the gym closed and remained dormant for a long period of time. Several years later, after filing for bankruptcy because of a crooked accountant, Rocky reopened the gym which Mickey willed to his son, Robert Balboa, Jr.. Besides Rocky, other boxers who trained at Mighty Mick's were Dipper Brown and Tommy Gunn.


  • In a deleted scene of Rocky Balboa, the inside of the gym was seen as Rocky was sparring with a fighter and getting ready for his fight against Mason "The Line" Dixon, along with Marie and Paulie helping him train. 
  • In Rocky Balboa, Rocky mentioned the sign looked like it was falling apart meaning the gym must have been abandoned several years since Rocky won the World heavyweight championship. Rocky still owns the gym. They then moved the gym into a better location and also remodeled it to make it as good as new. In Creed, Rocky came back to the gym and it was new and improved.