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Kofi Langton
Kofi Langton
Character information
Gender Male
Born: September 12, 1962 (1962-09-12) (age 54) in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of The Congo
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Weight: 195 pounds (88.5 kg)
Reach 76 inches (193.0 cm)

Heavyweight boxer

Known Opponents: *Rocky Balboa (defeated by boxer)

Kofi Langton was a boxer based on a real boxer featured in Rocky V. [1]. In Rocky V Jeff Langton gets knocked out by Tommy Gunn in the montage showing Gunn rising through the ranks. If you watch the marquees during this montage you will see Tommy Gunn vs Jeff Langton on the marquee before Gunn and Langton fight. Jeff Langton also trained and coached Morrison on set, Langton is a real boxing trainer and corner man in real life. Though Kofi looks nothing like Jeff as he is white and Kofi is black. Although they misplaced Langton's name with another boxer's sequence. This has caused some confusion over the years. If you youtube Jeff Langton you will see his boxing gym and what he actually looks like.



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