Jarrell Jack Jarrell from Rocky Legends
Jack Jarrell
Character information
Gender Male
Born: September 25, 1943 (1943-09-25) (age 74)



Known Opponents: Clubber Lang (defeated in prison)
"You better hide good when you get out, I got some friends I'm gonna send looking for you."
- Jack Jarrell to Clubber Lang in Rocky Legends
Jack Jarrell is a heavyweight boxer from Chicago. He fought Clubber Lang in the Chicago State Prison, but lost. Jarrell is not featured in any Rocky Movies or Games.


Like Clubber Lang, Jack Jarrell serves time at Chicago State Prison. Jarrell and Lang get into a minor brawl, which is broken up by a guard. The two are scheduled for a fight in a boxing tournament held within the prison. After Lang wins the fight and is released from prison, he walks by Jarrell's cell on the way out. Jarrell threatens Lang by warning him he'd better hide, as he had some friends who were going to look for Lang. He is nicknamed "The Jackman.

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