Geraldine Hughes
Geraldine Hughes-Rocky Balboa World premiere

Geraldine at "Rocky Balboa" premiere showing in Hollywood in 2006.

Personal Information
Born: January 1, 1970 (1970-01-01) (age 47)
Birthplace: West Belfast, Ireland
Occupation: Actress
Years active: 1984-present
Character information
Character played: Marie
Appears in: Rocky Balboa

Geraldine Hughes, born (Januray 1, 1970)[1], is an actress on Northern Irish television, cinema and theatre. She is perhaps most famous role is that of Marie she played in 2006's Rocky Balboa as well as her role as Karen Kowalski in the 2009 Academy Award winning film Gran Torino, where she acted opposite Clint Eastwood. Geraldine also wrote a one-woman show called Belfast Blues in New York City, and has appeared on television in series such as NBC-TV's ER and Profiler. After graduation from high school, she won a private scholarship to attend college in the US, attending UCLA's School Of Theatre, Film and Television, in doing so, moving to Los Angeles.

In 1984, she was cast in The Children In The Crossfire, a television movie with Kirk Cameron, Karen Valentine, Juliet Duffy and Charles Hade that was shot in Ireland, which launched her career in acting. [2]

Selected filmography

  • 1985: The End of the World Man ... as Barbara
  • 1997: St. Patrick's Day ... as Maeve
  • 2002: The Guardian (TV series) ... as Joyce Burke in the episode "The Innocent"
  • 1998: Profiler (TV series) ... Female Prisoner in the episode "Coronation"
  • 1998: ER (TV series) ... as Susan McFarlan in the episode "Think Warm Thoughts"
  • 2003: Duplex ... as Receptionist
  • 2010: The Good Wife (TV series)... Rachel Knox
  • 2006: Rocky Balboa ... as Marie
  • 2009: Gran Torino ... as Karen Kowalski

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