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Danny Wheeler
Character information
Nickname(s) Stuntman
Gender Male
Born: February 23, 1984 (1984-02-23) (age 34)



Years active: 2004-
Boxing record: 31-0-0 (18 KO's)
Portrayed by: Andre Ward

Danny "Stuntman" Wheeler is a light heavyweight boxer from Los Angeles, and acts as an antagonist in Creed. He is a boxer that is the undefeated WBA, WBC and The Ring World Champion. He is ranked second in pound for pound, and is trained by Tony "Little Duke" Evers. He fought Adonis Creed in his own gym, the Delphi Gym, where Adonis' father had also trained. Wheeler knocked Adonis out in a sparring the session. Wheeler would have fought "Pretty" Ricky Conlan, hadn't he broken Danny Wheeler's jaw during the press conference. Wheeler is not featured in any other Rocky Movies. He is portrayed by real-life boxer Andre Ward.