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This page is for events relating to Rocky and Rocky Wiki.

Events around the world relevant to this wikiEdit

Forthcoming events Edit

Events on this wikiEdit

April 2007Edit

May 2007Edit

  • Darthtyler joins Rocky Wiki and becomes an administrator and bureaucrat.

June 2007 Edit

  • Pinky49 becomes an administrator and bureaucrat.

July 2007-February 2008 Edit

  • The first pages are made.

March 2008 Edit

  • Pinky49 quits editing Rocky Wiki.

July 2010 Edit

  • Darthtyler quits editing Rocky Wiki.

January 2011 Edit

  • Japanese Rocky Wiki is made.

August 2010-December 2012 Edit

  • Rocky Wiki is vandalised.

January 2013 Edit

February 2013-February 2016 Edit

  • Timrock keeps Rocky Wiki in check.

March 2016-October 2016 Edit

  • Rocky Wiki is vandalised again.

November 2016 Edit

December 2016-March 2017 Edit

  • More pages are made, edited and deleted.

April 2017 Edit

  • Toby The Pug becomes an administrator and bureaucrat.

May 2017 Edit

June 2017 Edit

  • Rosa2008 becomes an administrator.

July 2017-NOW Edit

  • Toby The Pug and Rosa2008 keep Rocky Wiki in check.